What Others Have Said About Mike

October 5, 2012
(Regarding the Officiating services) We loved that you allowed us to include Michael [Bride's son] in such a meaningful way. Everyone at the ceremony had tears in their eyes when Chad said the vows to Michael as his new son. It was so meaningful for us, and our whole family. The entire ceremony was perfect and we felt like we had such a big part in creating it. You did such a wonderful job in guiding us through the process and the result was a beautiful, meaningful ceremony that reflected our relationship and personalities. It was perfect and we owe it all to you!

(Regarding DJ Services) The music was AWESOME! It also was great that you played a song for Chad's dad---out of the blue you heard he liked Lynyrd Skynyrd and sure enough, played a song just for him. Thank you so much. Also, thanks for accommodating my family with the Armenian music and circle dancing. That meant so much to us and we appreciate you being so "go with the flow". You were very easy to work with, accommodating, considerate and thoughtful. Engaging, Entertaining, and fun. You immediately understood the vibe and tone of our wedding. Our family and friends were so well-cared for during our wedding and you made sure that EVERYONE had a great time. It takes a special person to do that. I just want you to know that Chad and I are blown away at how wonderful the ceremony and reception were. The WHOLE wedding was perfect and so much of it was because of your expertise, your engaging personality, and your professionalism. Thank you so much. We cannot stress enough how awesome you made all our guests feel, how meaningful the ceremony was, and how fun the reception was for everyone.

      ~ Juliette and Chad Daniels

September 2, 2012 - Lisa and I were so happy with all you did on our wedding day we wanted to send you a quick email. Thank you so much for giving such a great effort on our special day. We had an incredible wedding and you were a big reason it was so good. Our parents have commented several times on how eloquent of a speaker you are and how impressive the candor of your ceremony speech was. We do appreciate you treating us and our families with so much respect and then creating the atmosphere for such a good party too. Thank you so much!!
      ~ Dan and Lisa Chandonais

August 18, 2012 - Mike did a wonderful job officiating our small wedding this August. He was very professional and fit all of our requests into the ceremony. Every one of our guests (both young and old) were talking about what a great job Mike did as a DJ at our reception. We are having a larger reception in October and let's just say the DJ we hired for that will have big shoes to fill. We could not have asked for a better DJ. He is FABULOUS!!!! Seriously, the best DJ I have ever met.
      ~ Courtney & Brian Underhill

August 11, 2012 - Regarding the officiating: You did exactly what I was looking for/wanted, and I couldn't have been happier with how the ceremony went!!

Regarding the Reception: I loved it that you humored my older brother and played a few of his songs... and you read the dance floor perfectly to know exactly when it was enough! :) Also, you didn't play any of the songs that were on my "do-not-play" list and had a fantastic mix of music all night. You were wonderful with accommodating everything that I wanted or needed. From the ceremony planning (with extra equipment requests) to the music planning, you listened and did everything that I asked for. It was so nice to work with someone who was willing to work with me instead of just doing what they thought was best. You were a pleasure to work with; thank you Mike!
      ~ Becca and Kevin Payne

July 28, 2012 - I like how you connected with the crowd. You told jokes and made people laugh and feel more at ease. I really appreciated that. You really DO keep the dance floor going all night! People said it was the best wedding they had ever been to!! Great job and thanks again for everything!!
      ~ Britney & Alex Mackey

July 14, 2012 - We liked that you were laid back and cracking jokes during our rehearsal. We liked that you played music for the children and somehow you played all the right songs. Everything was great!! Definitely recommending you to all of our friends.
      ~ Adam & Jessica Montgomery

July 7, 2012 - You listened to what we wanted and performed the ceremony exactly how we had hoped. It was helpful to have sample ceremony ideas from which to build our service and you made some good, simple suggestions to improve upon our ideas. (DJ Comments) You delivered exactly what we had hoped. Everybody at the party had a great time and we got lots of compliments on how great the music was. Even though our party was very small, you did a great job of mixing the music so there was something for everyone to enjoy. I like that you delivered the exact "feel" we were looking for instead of just simply going through the motions of a "canned" presentation.
      ~ Shawn & Teresa Truelove

May 4, 2012 - I really appreciated that you allowed us to use some of your ideas for our ceremony, but change them enough to make them truly our own. The ceremony was short & sweet - but it was all "us." We couldn't have asked for more. Thank you for putting up with our "let's just wing it" way of doing things. We aren't too into schedules - we like spontaneity.

You did such an excellent job in keeping things going and exciting at our wedding. As I warned you before the event, I didn't think many of our guests would be dancing, but that didn't stop you from keeping a fun, exciting, and entertaining vibe going through the night. I really appreciate all you did to keep my guests entertained. You really made our day special! You are professional, entertaining, calming, refreshing, fun, and most importantly, easy to work with!
      ~ JB & Julie Meade

December 31, 2011 - Mark and I wanted to extend a very sincere "Thank You" for making our wedding so amazing and unforgettable. Everyone had such a good time and said it was the best wedding they had ever been to! You were great to work with and did such a great job. AND, for putting up with our crazy friends and their requests! Again, our wedding was a blast thanks to you! You will be highly recommended by us and our family. May you be blessed in the New Year!
      ~ Mark & Tiffany Roberts

November 26, 2011 - Mike, Sorry first chance I got to write. I wanted to say thanks so much for everything. Writing and helping with the ceremony was so much appreciated! The celebration went good too- everyone said how good you were and seemed to enjoy the afternoon. I'll highly recommend you to anyone I know!
      ~ Kris & Angie Jamaica Weide

November 5, 2011 - The selection of music is exactly what we were looking for and you kept a fun vibe all night. Everyone had lots of fun. Considering how we know each other :) [She was once my boss]. I have to admit I was nervous about how it would all play out. But from the beginning you made me feel at ease and trust that everything was going to be the way that we wanted it to be. I truly enjoyed myself and you did a great job. We have never had so many people compliment on how fun the entire night was and how much fun everyone had dancing! Also you made the ceremony about us and knew what would fit our personalities and that was really appreciated!
      ~ Krystal & Scott Fluette

October 22, 2011 - Mike, Thank you so much for the amazing wedding ceremony and reception that you orchestrated for Ian and me. I could not be happier with the way the entire day went. Additionally, you were an absolute joy to work with before the "Big Day". You always responded to calls and emails quickly and professionally. We had so many guests tell us that our wedding was the most fun they've had in a LONG time. We can't thank you enough for all your hard work.
      ~ Ian and Laura Ashton

October 8, 2011 - You did an excellent job. You helped make it an amazing night for us and we could not have asked for anything more from you. We only wish we knew more people in the area to give them your name. We cannot begin to thank you enough for the job you did.
      ~ The Sebraneks

October 1, 2011 - Thank you for your hard work and dedication. The wedding was perfect and you did a great job.I actually recomended you to two of my guests who are getting married next year :) Very professional and can cater to any crowd.If this DJ can handle a wedding like mine (with 850 different requests) than I am pretty sure he can handle anything!
      ~ Ashley Blakely (Ascione)

September 3, 2011 - Joe & I want to thank you for the best music we could have at our wedding. We had nothing but compliments and with music that's hard to come by.
      ~ Joe & Kelly Zimmerman

August 26, 2011 - I wanted to thank you so much for such a great job. Not only keeping me at ease throughout the entire day, but for such a professional/fun experience. Mikey was awesome!!!! Professional, funny and ran things smoothly!!!! Couldn't have been happier!!!!! We would recommend you to anyone.
      ~ The Logusz's

August 16, 2011 - Thank you so much for your entertainment at our wedding. Everyone had such a blast and enjoyed the music very much. You kept the guests dancing all the time and by the end of the night everyone made it to the dance floor. Thank you for making our wedding extra special
      ~ The Christensen's

August 7, 2011 - We had a slight old Hollywood theme with classic movie posters on our tables. We neglected to tell him about it, but he responded appropriately by playing music from the movie scores! When we wanted to get down with hip hop and rap, he played it. When we wanted all 80's, he played it. He was on top of his game. We liked DJ Mike so much we invited him to the casino after the wedding! He had a fun presence and responded promptly to our wants/needs. We will recommend him in the future.
      ~ The Spies

August 6, 2011 - Thank you for an awesome night of fun and for keeping the dance floor going!! You definitely fulfilled our expectations and we had a wonderful time. If you ever need any recommendations we would be glad! Your officiating was great too!! Thanks for everything!
      ~ The Kibbey's

July 10, 2011 - Thank you so much for being our DJ & our Officiate for our wedding! You did a fantastic job and really helped make our celebration memorable. Your sense of humor made the day fun and made Andrew and I feel at ease. You were also the easiest vendor to work with and we really appreciate your flexibility and quick responses to all of our questions.
      ~ Danielle and Andrew Walsh

June 18, 2011 - We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful job you did DJing our wedding. You got the kids involved and read the crowd so well. You knew exactly what songs to play to keep everyone on the dance floor. Most importantly, you took a huge burden off our shoulders. Once we booked you, you made us feel so at ease we knew we didn't have anything to worry about even though we were planning our wedding from 2500 miles away. Some of our guests told us that was the best wedding they've ever been to.
      ~ Dan & Tina Zuberbier

July 8, 2011 - DJ Mikey did a GREAT job. If you pick someone else you have just lost a great opportunity to have a blast at your event. DJ Mikey did everything that we ask a more. Like he says he keeps the dance floor going all night. He made out day a day that we will always remember. THANKS!!!! MIKE!!!!
      ~ Michael and Hannah Russey

May 29, 2011 - We really appreciated your flexibility throughout our planning process. It was so nice of you to agree to do music at our ceremony when asked just prior to the wedding. When there was one particular song we really wanted to hear at the end of the night, DJ Mikey ended up playing it for us even though he was past his scheduled end time. He was always quick to answer any emails we sent. He was very flexible and pleasant throughout our whole process. From the first contact we made, he was friendly and professional. He was always extremely prompt when responding to emails throughout our planning process. On the actual wedding day he was dependable and flexible, even playing a few extra songs beyond the time he was scheduled to stop. Thanks DJ Mikey!

There are a lot of shady so called "dj's" out there, but from the first time we talked you made me feel very comfortable, so it was an easy decision :) Highly recommended!! Thank you so much for making our wedding so memorable!! I have passed your info on to some of my friends, and will definetly use your services again in the future!! Thanks again!!! You made our wedding very memorable. Your rocked the music and had everyone from young to old dancing all night!! We really appreciated all your hard work, and wanted to let you know how happy you made our special day. I would HIGHLY recommend you to anyone!! From the first time we talked I knew you were a person we could trust to be there on time, rock the house, and let us just relax. To have you play music really was the easiest part of planning our wedding!!       Thank you so much!!! ~ The Straubel's

We wanted to thank you so much for handling the dual roles of minister and DJ, at the wedding of Amanda and Matt. You did a great job and we truy appreciate the very important roles you played in this wedding. They were so happy with the wedding and will have so many great memories to savor for the rest of their lives. And, Mike, you will always be a big part of those memories.

Again, thank you for all of your dedicated efforts to make this wedding so special for them, for us, and for the rest of our family and guests.
      ~ Mother of Bride - Moar.Kerbawy Wedding - 2010

Thank you so much for everthing the day turned out perfect. I had so many people tell me what a fun dance floor we had! Thanks for keeping the party rockin'! Exactly what we were hoping for to keep everyone dancing ALL night long
      ~ Jenn & Chad Wilson - 2010
(also a comment from Jen's Mother - Thanks again for your part in helping us put together "the best wedding I've ever been to" which was said by so many people I've lost count. Best of luck to you! )

This Testimonial came from a lady whose wedding I did in 2000. She made this comment on my Facebook page after I posted how much fun I had had at a wedding.

I swear to you- ten years POST reception (on 10/14/10)- people still talk about that you ROCKED as a DJ. My friends and family had FUN- and it was MY personal music choices, MY memories-the way I had imagined it in MY head. I have the memory of my parents dancing to Look at Us by Vince Gill. (they are still good etc, I just never before and have never since saw my parents dance). You drove home to do my reception, because you promised me. Will never forget it.
      ~ Deb Hackett - 2000

"I wanted to let you know how awesome you were on Saturday evening. You did a fantastic job and i would highly recomment you to anyone. We had a great reunion and much of it was due to the quick request turnaround and great music choices"
      ~ Elizabeth - Benzie Class of 1986

"The entertainment was "perfect" and the family had a wonderful time and they were very pleased with the entire evening.
      ~ Local Wedding Planner

DJ Mikey exceeded all my expectations! He was not only our DJ he also performed the ceremony. I had a specific play list for the cocktail hour and he played every song and kept the party goiong during the reception! I would HIGHLY recommend him for a DJ and to do the ceremony. He played every song that was requested - except the inapproiate ones - he asked me first about those (thank you).
      ~ Janelle LaBron - 2010

Mike was incredibly helpful and went above and beyond to make sure our wedding was perfect. Mike did a great job of playing the music we requested as well as playing additional songs that fit our requested music styles . We can't say enough about your professionalism. You willingness to help us solve problems that were not music related was incredibly helpful.

Mike is by far the best DJ to hire for your event. Easy to work with and willing to go above and beyond to make your event great!!
      ~ Eldredge/Esquivel Wedding - 2010

DJ MIkey Was very fun, yet professional. He accomodatged all of my personal requests, guest requests, everything. Great at staying in contact all the way through the planning and very easy to contact with questions. Save yourself time and money, go with DJ Mikey. A must have for ll your events.
      ~ McPhail/Russell Wedding - 2010

Mike Was Awesome!! He danced with us and had fun the whole time. Everyone had a blast! We loved all the music. Everyone was jumpi9ng to the music. We even had him stay longer than expected.
      ~ Bunse/Martinez Wedding - 2010

My husband and I were extremely impressed with DJ Mikey's services. He performed our wedding ceremony and provided entertainment for our reception. We highly recommend him for both. He did an excellent job of matching the mood of the ceremony and was able to access any music we wanted for the reception. Thank you DJ Mikey!
      ~ Bryan and Jenessa Wazbinski - 2009

Thank you for your superior DJ services at our wedding. Neither of us have seen so many people dancing throughout the night at a wedding before. You played all of our songs and worked with our changes. Thanks for helping make our day so special and successful.
~Renee & Neil - 2009

You were SO Great!. The evening was perfect and you absolutely helped make it that way. You so went above and beyond for our American Idol intro...people are still laughing!! You did such a great job of getting all my requests and the individual songs for my guests. I will recommend you to EVERYONE!!
~Ben & Heather Stout - 2009

I had several compliments on the DJ. Even my father-in-law loved DJ Mikey and getting a compliment from him is a big deal. I was glad to see that he made sure to play the songs I requested, and all of the announcements I requested too. I would recommend him to anyone. Everything I picked and if a request was made at the wedding he played the song requested, and if he didn't have it he looked for it online while another song was playing.
I am glad you weren't over the top or cheesy!!
      ~ Amy Boyd

I am so happy that Mikey was our D.J. I went to five this summer and the dance floors were empty! I was worried but Mikey did it all! He entertained the little ones at the beginning of the night, which kept them busy! Mikey played music that was for every age group! When I saw my pictures from my wedding I had a packed dance floor the entire night. I could not of been so lucky to get Mikey for my event!!! It really is all about the DJ and my event was a hit!! Everyone made comments that I had the best wedding of the decade so thanks Mikey!!!!

You met us outside and made sure that everything we wanted was addressed. I live in Kalamazoo so I never even spoke with Mikey, in fact I heard that my wedding was passed onto him rather than my original DJ, THANK GOD!!!
      ~ Lesli And Jay Wardell

The music was fabulous! I had various tunes from Polka, to Pop, to Spanish, to R&B, to Country and Modern Rock, to French and Italian from the beginning of the evening to our departure.

DJ Mikey met a lot of my odd requests with enthusiam
      ~ Long/Bishop Wedding

"Mike did a wonderful job. We were impressed and overjoyed that he kept the dance floor packed and the guests entertained throughout the entire evening. Until our own wedding, I had never attended a wedding where the dance floor was full almost the entire time.."
      ~ Chris & Amy Heiler

"I'd like to take a moment to thank you for the DJ Services. You made it clear that you were there to make the evening special for all. We couldn't have been happier with your services. Many of our guests made positive comments about the music and the DJ throughout the evening. Again, we'd like to say a big thank you for making this evening so special"
      ~ Conrad & Adele Reiter

We really enjoyed the music and atmosphere that DJ Mikey had accomplished for our wedding. The day really turned out perfect. Thank you!!
      ~ Rick & Nicole Kennedy