Event Sheet - Part 3


Order of Events and Music Information

Pre-Dinner & Dinner Events
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Estimated Time of Dinner:  :PM  (This is the time you have set up with your caterer)
Would you like the toasts to be
done before or after dinner?:
   (They are traditionally done before dinner)
List All Who Will Be Giving Toasts:  
Who will be giving the Blessing?   (This is an optional item)
What type of music would you like for the Cocktail Hour?  
What type of Dinner Music would you like played?  
Is the DJ invited to Eat?:  
Is Cake Being Served for Dessert?:  
Do You Have a Specific Song you want played while cutting the cake?:  
If Yes, What is the song?  

Special Dances
Bride & Groom First Dance  
Wedding Party Options:  
If there is a separate song for the Bridal Party, what song would you like?  
Father / Daughter Dance:  
Your Father's Name (for introduction purposes):  
Mother/Son Dance  
Mother's Name (for introduction purposes)  

Other Special Dances
(Note: The following Items are optional and have become non-traditional. If you would like these dances done, please notate below. I have pre-selected songs for all of the following dances. If you would like something else, please list them here.)

Choose ALL additional activities to be done:
 Bouquet Toss     Garter Removal & Toss     Dollar Dance   



List ALL styles of music you would like played:
 Adult Contemporary     Blues     Christian     Rock     Country
 70's music (Disco)     50's & 60's     Pop/Top 40 music     R&B/ Hip Hop/ Rap
 80's (Retro)     Standards / Big Band     Polka's     Specialty Music

Please List any Special Music Selections Here:

These Songs MUST be played:


Other Information:
Requested Attire for DJ:  
List any Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc. You would like announced:

Any other comments:

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