Event Sheet - Part 2


Introductions & Recognitions
(This is for when you enter the hall)

Please add your name again here: (so I can keep track of the pages)  
Will the Parents be introduced along with the Bridal Party while entering the Hall?  
Will the Bridal party be Introduced prior to the Bride & Groom's entrance?  

Recognition of Parents & Grandparents
(Please use second line ONLY if parents are to be announced SEPARATELY)

Parents of the Bride

Parents of the Groom

Grandparents of the Bride

Grandparents of the Groom

Bridal Party Recognition
(Please list Bridal Party in the order they will be announced...First couple in first row, etc.
Also, if a name has a difficult pronunciation, please spell the name phoenetically)

Best Man  
Maid/Matron of Honor    


If you have more than 5 Groomsman or Bridesmaids, please list their names here:

Flower Girls  
Ring Bearer  

Bride & Groom Announcement

What Style of Introduction Would You Like?  
Would You Like A Special Song Played As You Enter?  
If Yes, Which Song?  
Please Specify EXACTLY how you would like to be introduced
(i.e. Mr. & Mrs. Smith, John & Jane Smith, etc.)

Additional Names
(This helps me coordinate with them to make sure your night goes GREAT!!)

Name of Minister/Officiant  
Name of Host/Hostess  
Caterer's Name  
Photographer's Name  
Videographer's Name  
Any one else you would like recognized:

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