Not Just ANY Professional Party!!

I have been a DJ for over 30 years and understand what companies want when they put on an employee party or conference. With a degree in leadership and over 20 years of management experience, it is about making the employees feeling connected to the company.

With over 40 companies serving this area, I want to be different than everyone else. Every DJ has 3 things: Equipment, Lights and Music. I have those three things also, but there is one thing the other's don't have and that is ME. I can sell you a service, or I can sell you the best asset I have and that is my personality. My job is to serve you. I tell people, "there is nothing I won't do to make your day perfect". That is the bottom line.

I specialize in themed events and am willing to go all out to make your event authentic.

There are 4 common things all my customers say about me:
  1. I made them feel comfortable with their choice to hire me

  2. I kept everyone dancing all night

  3. I am quick to respond to their needs and requests

  4. I am flexible
As you can see by the picture, I am willing to go beyond the norm and play the part for your event.

My job is working for you and do everything possible to make your event perfect, and keep the people dancing all night long

Corporate DJ Services
When is the last time you went to a wedding and saw the dance floor packed all night long?? Most people say they have not seen that. I believe if people are dancing, I am successful. If people are not, I better figure out how to get them out there.

I am not cheesy. I do not use excessive lighting or fluff to get the job done.

I keep the dance floor hopping ALL NIGHT LONG...PERIOD

On the most important day of your life, make sure you and your guests have the most incredible day they have ever had.
Fairs & Festivals
For the past 30 years I have been providing DJ & Karaoke entertainment to Festivals and Events all over the east coast of America.

I specialize in THEMED events:
Country/Barn Dances, Sock Hops, 80's Music, Disco Music, Beach Music, Luau Music, Reggae, Latin

And of course I have all of the latest and greatest tunes of all time with over 100,000 songs and karaoke to choose from.