DJ Mikey Biography

Mike started his DJ career at Davison High School in 1981. He was lucky enough to attend a high school that had an in-house radio station. Learning the basics of radio and then being an on-air DJ, he concluded his school days as the General Manager of the station.

From there, Mike went on to DJ at a number of radio stations and nightclubs across the east coast.

He is married with 5 children and lives in Northern Michigan.

Other Interesting Things About Mike
  • I am a Ballroom, Swing and Country Dance Instructor
  • I am also very involved in the community and the educational process of my 5 kids.
  • Proud Eagle Scout
  • Vice President of Michigan Head Start Association
  • Chairperson of Governmental Affairs Committee (MHSA)
  • Region 5 Representative for Michigan Head Start Association
  • State Representative to MHSA Northwest Michigan Human Services Agency
  • Assistant Cubmaster - Pack 103
  • Den Leader- Bear Cubs - Cub Scout Pack 103
Where I've Been
Radio Stations
  • WDHS - Davison, Michigan
  • WFLT - Flint, Michigan
  • WFEN - Fenton, Michigan
  • WSKX - Norfolk, Virginia
  • WOFM - Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • WMOP - Ocala, Florida
  • WMKC - Northern Michigan
  • WIOG - Saginaw, Michigan
  • Longbranch Saloon, Clio, Michigan
  • Harry's - Norfolk, Virginia
  • Cactus Moon - Flint, Michigan
  • Step N Out Club - Flint, Michigan
  • Diamonds & Spurs - Pontiac, Michigan
  • Celebrations - Flint, Michigan
  • Many More!